Saving Money on MCO – Orlando International Airport Parking

As the one of the busiest airports in Florida, second only to Orlando International Airport, MCO has an predictably busy parking lot at all times. However, this can be easily avoided if you venture over to one of the numerous off-site parking lots in the area. Let’s take a look at some of the parking options you have inside the airport and then we’ll take a peek at a few of the amenities that come from with private lots.

On-Site FLL Parking Options

Compared to some airports in Florida, Orlando International Airport has some of the most affordable on-site parking options, however, there are still significantly cheaper off-site lots with more to offer.

Lots Rates

Blue Lot (North Park Place) $4 for 11 minutes to 3 hoursMaximum: $10/day
Red Lot (South Park Place) $4 for 11 minutes to 3 hoursMaximum: $10/day
Terminal Garage and Top Parking $2 for 21 to 40 minutes$1 per 20 minutes after the first 40Maximum: $17/day
Valet Parking $4 for first 20 minutes$1 for every subsequent 20 minutes for up to 3 hoursMaximum: $25/day
Self Hotel Guest Parking $12/night
Valet Hotel Guest Parking $16/night
Car Detailing Service $30-45

MCO Onsite Parking Map

MCO Onsite Parking Map

Map provided by Orlando International Airport

Disabled Parking

If you’re a disabled individual, MCO has parking options that suit your needs. In the Top Terminal Parking and the Garage Terminal Parking, there are handicapped parking spaces available right next to the elevators. For those parking in the economy lots, the shuttle is handicapped-friendly, so you can park with confidence.

Oversized Vehicle Parking

Vehicles that are longer than 20 feet or taller than 7 feet should head over to the North Park Place lot for appropriate parking accommodations.

E-Pass/SunPass Parking

When entering the garages, look for the E-Pass/SunPass lanes and park as normal. When you leave, make sure you go through another E-Pass/SunPass lane to have your parking charges appropriately. No further interaction with the airport is required to process your payment.

Visit SunPass or E-Pass for more information about this option.

Off-Site Parking

Parking at a lot that’s off of the airport might seem foreign, but it can be cheaper and offer more amenities for travelers that want something a little more out of their lot. For instance, many, if not all, of these off-site parking facilities offer 24/7 security, covered lots, and a gate to ensure your car stays safe. They sometimes offer car detailing services and car washes so you can come back to a nice, clean car.

When comparing off-site lots, you’ll also want to consider the shuttle schedule. While some are supplied when the need arises, others are traveling to and from the airport every 15 to 60 minutes, so you’ll need to plan ahead.

Off-Site Options

FastPark & Relax
7870 North Frontage Road, Orlando, FL 32812
Phone: (407) 251-7555

The Parking Spot
5500 Hazeltine National Drive, Orlando, FL 32812
Phone: (407) 851-5500

Xpress Airport Valet Parking
5600 Butler National Dr., Orlando FL 32812
Phone: (407) 730-9202

Payless Parking
5309 McCoy Rd., Orlando FL 32812
Phone: (407) 851-7800

Park to Fly
7800 Narcoossee Rd., Orlando FL 32822
Phone: (407) 851-8875

7138 Narcoossee Rd., Orlando FL 32822
Phone: (407) 737-6990

Economy Airport Park
3255 McCoy Rd., Orlando FL 32812
Phone: (925) 326-3655

WallyPark Orlando International Airport
5601 Butler National Dr., Orlando FL 32812
Phone: (407) 513-4696

Renaissance Orlando Airport Hotel
5445 Forbes Place, Orlando FL 32812
Phone: (407) 240-1000

Continental Parking
7948 Narcoossee Rd., Orlando FL 32822
Phone: (407) 658-0023

Airport Quick Parking
902 Jetport Dr., Orlando FL 32809
Phone: (407) 910-1200

1777 McCoy Rd., Orlando FL 32809
Phone: (877) 733-0724

Park EZ Fly
7653 Narcoossee Rd., Orlando FL 32822
Phone: (407) 208-9333

Best Western Airport Inn and Suites
8101 Aircenter Court, Orlando FL 32809
Phone: (407) 581-280