Parking at Miami International – MIA Airport

Miami International Airport had over over 40 million passengers in 2013, and in 2011 it was the second busiest airport in terms of the number of international passengers in the United States. With a diverse local population, location that’s near to many tourist attractions, and its ability to handle large numbers of inbound and outbound flights to Latin America, Europe, and various places throughout North America, it’s no wonder why MIA airport is one of the most successful airports in existence.

With over eight Concourses, it’s no wonder that this airport offers so many transportation options to travelers, however, you’ll need to find the one that fits your itinerary the best.

Traffic and Airport Parking

With such a large population and a huge number of travelers, it’s expected that there would be quite a bit of congestion around the airport. So, for the average traveler, this means you’ll need to get your taxi early, have you bags packed well before your trip, and print out your tickets before getting to the airport. This cuts down on the amount of hassle at the airport and you can focus on getting through security and getting to your gate with time spare.

If you’re taking your own car to the airport, Miami International Airport parking can be found on-site and off, though you’re much more likely to find a better deal (and less stress) at an outside lot. These are private businesses that offer competitive rates on MIA airport parking, but they also offer services that will make your trip much easier

This includes shuttle services to and from the airport throughout the day, a gated lot, 24 hour security, luggage assistance and, in some cases, car washing and detailing. Keep this in mind when shopping around for the best rates, as you also want to get the amenities that match your needs.

On-Site Handicap Accesible Parking

MIA parking map

Super Shuttle and Taxi Services

Depending on where you’re headed, Super Shuttle offers some competitive rates that will take you to some of the most popular destinations, though if you’d like them to take you immediately to your home, they can do that too. If you prefer to take a taxi (recommended for individuals with smaller parties), you can try one of the numerous services operating out of the airport. In some cases, they offer flat rates that can trim some cost off the typical meter.

Taxi services usually provide rates based on the zone you’re headed to so that you can plan your transportation costs well before you even reach the airport.